Safe, efficient job sites need IoT

Optimize supply chain and loss prevention with
smart devices and sensors.

Site monitoring: 12 sectors
Predictive maintenance: oil alert
Just in time supply chain: no delay
Personnel & asset location

Construction and heavy industry

Construction and heavy industry projects can improve site safety, emergency response times and reduce the loss of equipment and supplies in a significant way by connecting and monitoring personnel, equipment and the environment with sensors and mobile or wearable devices.

A safer, more efficient work site can be achieved by knowing when and where people are on the site, preventing equipment damage and theft, and supporting quick incident response and mustering with technology. Devices and sensors establish inventory and supply chain control with data transmitted securely in real-time and with coverage inside and outside any given worksite.

Every day, thousands of companies in cities, remote locations and everywhere in between all have one thing in common, they rely on accurate information and communication. Ioticiti Connect is a complete Industrial IoT solution and platform monitoring people, assets, utilities and the environment allowing efficiency and the prevention of damage and critical incidents. Remote sites can be connected to transmit crucial data for operations and controls.

A new solution and an industry first – Mobile HQ is an industrial grade mobile data operations centre that delivers Ioticiti Connect – real-time end-to-end wireless data solutions for all industrial systems and functions over a secure private wireless network. It equips every construction project with cutting edge security features such as: AI, facial recognition, biometrics, Geo-Fencing, 24-hour gate monitoring and everything you need for compliance reports.

Ioticiti’s real-time secure remote access for authorized personnel gives you access to all your project data through any connected device helping you optimize and manage your business from anywhere in the world.

Sensors for anything, reporting for everything.