Maximize fleet productivity and safety

Improve efficiency, safety and compliance while reducing theft and operating costs.

Route Planning
Load Weight: 19 tons
Cargo Temperature Sensor: 36F

Fleet Management

Ioticiti Connect™ puts Industrial IoT in service for your fleet and jobsite – putting your vehicles on the map where the full view of your operations can be managed with clarity. The challenges of dispatch communication, real-time vehicle status or the confirmation of pick-up and delivery make daily workflows complicated.

Manage unload wait-times, and tighten control over jobsite deliveries, and ensure what needs to arrive does, intact and on time.

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  • With concrete products, time saved prevents waste and increases the number of deliveries possible in a day.
  • Ioticiti Connect™ can help you reduce costs and efficiently manage your delivery cycle.
  • Maximize your fleet usage, resell overages, improve customer retention and expand your market and delivery radius with an end-to-end solution.

Cold Chain

  • Stability and consistency prevent spoilage and ensure the integrity of perishable goods.
  • Monitor every element from production to storage, distribution and delivery and safeguard against product loss while in transit.
  • We can help you comply with the latest regulations while reducing the costs of fuel and insurance claims.

Waste Management

  • Harnessing the right data can improve productivity with waste removal, and optimize everything from loading, equipment reliability, vehicle security and delivery routes.
  • Monitor and report on hazardous waste transport, maximize loading to reduce downtime, meet regulatory compliance and reduce overweight fines while preserving your fleet.