Real-time protection from loss or spoilage

Gain live visibility of vehicle location, status and diagnostics.

Cold Chain

The Internet of Things is transforming the cold chain industry, and companies that don’t adapt will be challenged with compliance, loss and inefficiency.

Ioticiti’s solution for cold chain is tailored to help you make the most of the exceptional opportunity to harness the power of IoT, to safeguard your goods in storage and transit, minimize waste and spoilage, and optimize the efficiency of your fleet.

It provides real-time monitoring of your vehicles, including their current status and diagnostic details, drawing on data supplied by several on-board sensors on each vehicle. These sensors monitor all essential elements of the cold chain process, including temperature, door latches, location, driving safety, engine performance and much more.

Our solution:

  • provides the ability to adjust temperature remotely to maintain product integrity
  • provides real-time alerts to safeguard against theft or driver error
  • helps ensure the safety and security of the goods
  • helps ensure the safety and security of the vehicle and driver.

Dispatchers can maximize vehicle and route efficiencies by knowing location and traffic conditions. They can contact the drivers as needed, and provide customers with accurate order status and delivery time estimates.

We work with you to define the data points you want to track, and set up system alerts that automatically notify you if abnormalities arise. For example, if a freezer door is ajar, this can provide a safeguard against theft, driver errors and spoilage. You’ll also be able to enhance driver safety by being able to monitor driving patterns and behaviors to generate timely coaching opportunities related to vehicle safety, care and responsibility, and to ensure each vehicle is operating safely.