IoT innovation for Infrastructure

Increase Productivity, Workflows & Workforce Safety with Dynamic Monitoring & Precision Location

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IoT for Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

Continuous, real-time IoT connectivity uses active IoT tags to provide oil & gas exploration and production with secure monitoring of assets, tanks, pumps and switches, and oversight of transport, delivery and accurate collection schedules using live tank and pump readings. Ioticiti Connect gives you complete insight into your third-party supply chain ensuring operations are running smoothly with little down-time. Regulatory compliance and timely critical incident response can be managed instantly, translating to worker safety, tighter operations and the kind of efficiency that impacts a company’s income.

Ioticiti Connect controls the entire work environment by providing highly secure and accurate transmission of mission critical data. Dynamic monitoring and precision location data for all your industrial processes, including infrastructure, assets, workers, and critical environmental monitoring of air, water and noise quality can reduce safety incidents, project down-time, theft, waste and loss in any operation. Ioticiti’s Industrial IoT solutions increase visibility and allow better management of the environmental footprint of exploration, production and transport. Simplify compliance reporting with a greater view of your day to day business operations. Workers in remote environments are now able to better monitor the condition and behavior of heavy machinery, cranes, rigs, piping, and abandoned wells/caps. A more accurate plan for preventative maintenance and equipment upgrades also becomes possible. IoT connectivity can address common challenges in the construction and operations of multiple sites, bringing efficiency to remote processes, workflows, supply chain reporting, and ensuring that decisions are based on secure, accurate data.

Ioticiti’s Mobile HQ provides an industrial-grade mobile data operations center for oil and gas exploration and production projects or ongoing operations management – on or off-grid. Connecting existing infrastructure and assets is a first step to improving operations, allowing a more efficient reallocation of resources and opportunities for new business. Increased automation and monitoring of remote processes lowers costs and helps improve overall system reliability and performance. Sensors for anything and reporting for everything make your operations safe, efficient and sustainable.