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Ioticiti Connect™

Optimize your business with Ioticiti Connect

As more industries embrace Industrial IoT, the technology is beginning to impact not only how infrastructure is built, but also the permanent operations of jobsites, cities and industrial processes. It brings a welcome addition of worker safety, operational efficiency and better asset utilization for productivity and growth.

Ioticiti Connect is a complete end-to-end industrial IoT solution and platform for all industrial systems from one single service provider. It allows communication with old and new technology for easy migration and the ability to connect to any type of sensor or machine in any location.

The ability to dispatch, monitor, control and report site functions in real-time with audited security can transform a business. By putting more sensors to work in new places, an enterprise can mine the kind of data that leads to accurate decisions, safer operations and a reduction in waste.

Ioticiti Connect is a full IoT solution and platform, including software applications, hardware, private network connectivity and customer support that can translate integrated information into actionable insights in real-time. It moves from construction through to operations, tracking personnel, equipment and construction materials enroute and onsite with wearables, equipment sensors and fleet management applications. Track and institute just-in-time delivery for complete supply chain including pipe, concrete and perishable deliveries.

Deploy our Mobile HQ, an industrial grade mobile data” operations center, and connect all stations and construction sites for improved site safety, decreased threat of tampering through 24/7 monitoring, and reduced theft, waste, insurance and fuel costs.

Gain a full view of your business with functions from any device or location and keep in touch with:

  • Workforce monitoring
  • Third-party supply chain monitoring
  • Remote dispatching and reporting
  • Real-time environmental monitoring
  • Artificial intelligence, identity detection and bio-metrics
  • Equipment and tool monitoring

To learn more about our tailored solutions, contact us to discuss specific requirements.


Whether tracking workers, tools and equipment or managing your supply chain and fleet, IoT can bring efficiency and reduce loss and theft on any construction site. Tank levels, water and air quality can all be monitored for compliance and a safer work site.


Whether you’re delivering clean water, electricity or energy to heat homes, reliable municipal utilities are essential services for communities. Ioticiti creates a clear and holistic view of utilities’ systems, connects remote facilities, reduces the likelihood of service interruptions and enhances delivery efficiency.

Smart cities

Whether in urban centers or small towns, Ioticiti provides a powerful opportunity to view community services and assets as a single interconnected system, even in areas where coverage has not previously existed. The result is accurate, and actionable data that offers intelligent insights and the potential for broad service efficiencies.

Fleet management

Ioticiti provides IoT technology for your fleet, including mobile data terminals, onboard sensors, applications and secure access to the private Ioticiti network. We offer tailored solutions for businesses specializing in ready-mix concrete, cold chain management and waste management, but all fleets can benefit from our integrated offering.