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Mobile HQ Clean – a smart and sanitary worker facility for jobsites

IoT technology screens and cleans for a healthy jobsite fast and safe temperature monitoring for any size of business.

Mobile HQ Clean uses Industrial IoT technology to provide a sanitary facility and real-time human temperature monitoring to help protect the health and safety of your entire workforce.

Workers are screened for elevated body temperature as they enter the worksite and throughout the day as they use the facility. Real-time air quality monitoring, UV-sanitized water for washing, an ozone air purification system and no-touch swing doors provide added sanitation to give workers peace of mind and help keep them healthy.

Mobile HQ Clean is a safe, fast, and affordable way to protect your workers and your operations.

Watch the Mobile HQ Clean video showing how it works to keep your workers safer

Everything you need for a healthy worksite

Mobile HQ Clean protects your workers and operations with:

  • ioticiti TEMP
    Ioticiti Temp – non-contact thermal monitoring – safely detects human body temperature in real-time. Results are displayed on a screen in the facility, on our system dashboard or via mobile app.
  • Real-time air quality monitoring
    Real-time air quality monitoring – IoT sensors monitor for gases and volatile organic compounds and sends real-time alerts.
  • UV-sanitized water
    UV-sanitized water for washing – UV light destroys bacteria and viruses in water.
  • Ozone air purification system
    Ozone air purification system – Ozone kills bacteria and viruses in the air and converts back to oxygen, leaving no harmful residue after disinfection.
  • No-touch swing doors
    No-touch swing doors & automatic exit doors – Hands-free operation of doors improves sanitation and hygiene control and enables safe exit of the facility.
  • Social distancing alerts
    Social distancing alerts – Option to deploy wristbands that provide alerts for social distancing.
Interior layout sample
  • Construction office trailer with bathroom/toilet/washroom
    With thermal imaging camera for temperature screening
  • UV sanitation of water, ozone air purification
  • Smart sanitary worker trailer

Why choose Mobile HQ Clean?

  1. Gain all the benefits of Ioticiti Temp Thermal monitoring plus UV sanitized water, ozone air purification and air quality monitoring to ensure the highest level of sanitation.
  2. Gain all the benefits of the Ioticiti Connect IoT platform: fully integrated multi-site reporting, secure data transfer and remote access to data and alerts in real-time.
  3. Easily add new IoT technologies using the same platform. Mobile HQ Clean is a companion product to our smart construction trailer, Mobile HQ, which offers a full suite of IoT capabilities using the same IoT platform. With added sensors and artificial intelligence (AI), you can deploy Mobile HQ to gain complete visibility and control over your jobsite and supply chain.
Ioticiti Connect™

Improved health and safety, improved performance

While health and safety are their own reward, they also pay off in increased efficiency and sustainability.

  • Avoid workplace shutdowns and fines
  • Avoid work and project disruptions
  • Attract quality workers and contracts
  • Protect reputation and bottom line
  • Keep insurance premiums down
  • Gain a competitive advantage
Ioticiti Connect™