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Ultra-light, low cost, and rapidly deployed for your dynamic Industrial Environment.

Our Industrial IoT Network and Integrated Industrial IoT Applications

We‘re different. We’re private, not public. This means your data remains private, not public. Ioticiti has complete control over the entire network environment: all the data, applications and end-user devices. Whether connecting jobsites, remote assets, fleets, workers or managing city functions, manufacturing processes or building operations, you can automate and control functions with a myriad of sensors and applications. Safeguard the data for your assets, IP and processes with the network that knows you. With Ioticiti’s private network, Ioticiti’s customers have sole access to comprehensive security, privacy and capacity—without voice and data congestion, reach limitations and security challenges that can affect other IoT services. We combine network access in all major centers in the US and Canada with proprietary technology to deliver private, enterprise-grade wireless connectivity & security.


Reach across Canada and the United States

Ioticiti can reach more than 75 major metropolitan areas, serving nearly 300 million people. The construction industry, fleets, municipalities, utilities and, factories and others can connect and control assets by accessing, a private wireless data network specifically designed for industrial IoT. With the widest coverage reach per network site—as much as 10,000 square miles— we can deploy ultra-light, low-cost network access rapidly to reach your operations and equipment. With processing at the edge, machine-to-machine data becomes actionable intelligence on-site, near mission-critical operations.


We provide options not yet seen in the market and certainly not from a sole service provider with a one-stop-shop formula. Ioticiti helps businesses connect remote work sites and enable real-time informed decisions based on mission-critical data. Now jobsites, mining, oil and gas operations , power plants and other remote operations can connect and control valuable assets and processes securely, where other networks can’t go. Ioticiti connects multiple remote jobsites or short-term construction locations with reliable, secure network connectivity. Our Mobile HQ brings access to secure IoT services in an industrial-grade, moveable, “network in a box” for jobsites that need a full end-to-end IoT solution. Access to a secure IoT network in remote, short-term construction locations is no longer impossible. This moveable network solution can be transferred from one worksite to another and is perfect for fast, flexible and secure IoT connectivity. All done? Then move the whole system to your next jobsite site.



Secure your advantage with audited security reports and certificates

As a private wireless network, Ioticiti has complete control over the entire network environment, including data, applications and end-user devices. As a result, the network is inherently secure. Security concerns may be the biggest impediment to the adoption of IoT technology. Ioticiti is not impeded with the same IoT security issues that other network providers are working to mitigate as Ioticiti’s network is not accessible by outside parties. We implement meticulous standards to provide and sustain proprietary privacy and enterprise-grade security, including encryption of over-the-air data and the complete integration of all hardware, software and device applications. These standards are audited and apply at every level of integration for authentication and authorization, and for data capture, storage, presentation and reporting. We employ a unique over-the-air protocol that is proprietary, secure and maintains complete control of who can access the network. Enterprise-grade security for your data – right out of the box with Ioticiti Connect.



Network capacity, Industrial Applications and data management

Over 75 billion devices could be connected to the Internet of Things by 2020, including a vast array of sensors, alarms, lights, switches, pumps, gauges and much more. These devices require connectivity to a purpose built industrial IoT network, to ensure reliable coverage, acknowledged message transmission and capacity for valuable data. We provide message receipt acknowledgement, the ability to prioritize data traffic and usage, and strong collision avoidance. Our industrial applications require less power for connected devices to send data and is resource efficient: for example, a voice call on a typical public network uses about 1.3 MB of data, which is equal to over 10,000 IoT messages. Other networks can be hampered by congestion, this is why they are less suited to IoT as they are not purpose built to transmit small amounts of data efficiently and can drain batteries and hog bandwidth. Customized deployment can be tailored to an enterprise’s IoT needs. Linking isolated infrastructure can be the most cost effective means of processing data at the edge from remote locations. Private, purpose-built and secure.


Network reach

Ioticiti’s Network will provide coverage from coast to coast in the US and Canada, with options for every industry’s IoT needs. We offer the only nation-wide, private wireless IoT network available for commercial use on the continent. With the widest coverage reach per network site—as much as 10,000 square miles—we offer wireless access and IoT services in remote places other networks cannot reach. Ioticiti’s national networks will service the 75 largest metropolitan areas, reaching nearly 300 million people in The United States and Canada. Our network provides two-way connectivity and is ideally suited for long-range access to the Internet of Things, covering entire metropolitan areas with just a few access points. Remote or portable network options can operate apart from the larger national network, providing the same secure services to manage and connect your jobsites and assets. Customized deployments can be tailored to an enterprise’s IoT needs, linking isolated infrastructure and designing the most cost-effective means of backhauling data from the most remote locations. Private, purpose-built and secure.