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Integrate the world of sensors with Ioticiti Connect

An IoT industry-first solution offered only by Ioticiti

Ioticiti Connect is an IoT Enterprise Platform and Process Control System that communicates in thousands of combinations of human and machine languages for the interpretation & processing of data at the edge. Billions of sensors across all sectors currently have little or no integration capability with new technology.

Ioticiti Makes Integration Simple, Fast & Affordable.

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Gain complete visibility and control over your entire jobsite with an IoT Smart Trailer

A Construction & Industry First Solution That Every Company Needs

Ioticiti Mobile HQ is a custom designed industrial grade mobile data operations center that provides complete end-to-end industrial IoT solutions for your entire jobsite.

Ultra Lightfiber_manual_recordLow Costfiber_manual_recordRapid Deployment

IoT Innovation for Infrastructure

Increase productivity while reducing liabilities

Connect the world of sensors to Ioticiti’s unique technology and private network for real-time and secure operational insights. Ioticiti Connect™ a complete Industrial IoT solution and Enterprise Platform, safeguarding your workforce, assets and infrastructure all from one single service provider.


Ioticiti Connectfor Ready - mix

Monitor your entire delivery process from beginning to end with new industry leading IoT Solutions. Now you can expand your market and convert customer overages into new sales. Gain efficiencies while reducing waste, theft liabilities and fuel costs.

A Purpose Built, Secure Private Wireless Network For Industrial IoT

Ioticiti’s wireless network is different. Our unique network architecture enables us to use private spectrum assets and provides enterprise-grade security standards that ensure your data, IP and processes are secure, accurate and reliable.


Why Ioticiti?

We can offer a sole-supplier solution that other networks cannot deliver. With some of the most innovative Industrial IoT application and solution bundles, we help you gain transformative insights into your operations and improve decision-making in real-time all with the assurance of enterprise-grade security. Our end-to-end solutions can help you expand and develop your business by making more of what you already have in place.

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