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About Ioticiti

Ioticiti is unique in the fast-growing Internet of Things (IoT) space. As a single provider of an IoT platform, applications, hardware, and network, it’s hard to imagine an easier approach to empowering business with IoT technology. 

We are committed to helping companies operate safely and efficiently and to reducing workplace accidents with technology and innovation. One in every 10 construction workers is injured annually (OSHA). By connecting people, processes and infrastructure on jobsites, organizations can protect workers and assets, and gain valuable operational insights.

Ioticiti Connect is a complete end-to-end industrial IoT solution and enterprise platform for industry. It brings any, and all sensors together for a comprehensive approach to monitoring, controlling and reporting on industrial functions. Dynamic monitoring and precision location information, in real time, helps keeps your work force and equipment safe at all times.

Our network is purpose-built for the Industrial Internet of Things and for use by business, enterprise and government. As a private network, only our clients and partners have access, which means superior security.


Leadership team

We are an experienced team focused on impact and innovation. We have deep industry expertise in technology, engineering, wireless data, telecommunications, finance, software-as-a-service and more, resulting in a solid foundation for ongoing innovation.

For decades, our team members have been engaged with the pioneering concepts on which the Internet of Things is based. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to leverage the many benefits of this remarkable platform.

Our vision for Ioticiti is focused on ongoing expansion and implementation of our private network across North America and beyond. We partner with organizations from various industries—especially enterprise, government and utilities—to bring high-value solutions that can fundamentally improve operational effectiveness.


Impact – Benefits beyond business

The pursuit of efficiency is inseparable from a company’s sustainability and drive for responsible growth. Ioticiti’s network can impact organizations in ways that go beyond typical business metrics. We can help organizations of all types explore the opportunities that IoT connectivity can have on the environment, the reduction of waste and society in general.

For example, fleets that reduce travel distances will save on fuel costs and improve their carbon footprint. Manufacturing facilities that monitor plant production equipment may save energy through a reduction in bottlenecks and other production barriers. Electrical grids can use sensors to obtain real-time data on usage to better manage resources, optimize production, and monitor the grid itself, to maintain its stability. Advanced metering infrastructure tools can help utility customers and providers conserve energy, resulting in lower carbon emissions.

The opportunities for social and environmental impacts are growing, as are new regulations and compliance requirements.