Keep your workforce and vehicle loads safe and compliant

Improved load accuracy and efficiency increases earnings.

Waste Management

Ioticiti Connect for Waste Management is designed to help you stay several steps ahead of your competition. Maintain deeper control and monitoring of vehicle loads to eliminate vehicle downtime, ensure you meet regulatory compliance for weight and hazardous waste restrictions, improve safety, and enhance the overall efficiency of your operations. Our end-to-end waste management solution includes hardware and software, network connectivity to the private, secure Ioticiti network, and support to help you run your business more efficiently—all from a single vendor.

Your vehicles are equipped with a mobile data terminal and sensors that measure total vehicle load, diagnostics, location, driving patterns and much more. Sensor data is transmitted to our dashboard, which enables you to monitor every stage of your delivery cycle, from driver sign-in through order processing, pickup, transit and unloading. Dispatchers can communicate directly with drivers, to provide alternate vehicle routes and gather on-the-road information that will enhance your ability to provide accurate delivery estimates and responses to customer queries. Gain visibility with:

  • Real-time alerts of all critical information
  • Hazardous waste monitoring & reporting
  • Fleet diagnostics
  • Workforce monitoring
  • Waste disposal tracking
  • Location and accurate ETA of vehicles
  • Waste measurements on-board
  • Amount of waste disposed
  • Arrival & Departure time stamped
  • Driver I.D.
  • Delivery/Disposal confirmation
  • Unauthorized operation reporting
  • Bin monitoring & reporting

Weight-measuring sensors will monitor the decreasing weight of the vehicle to indicate when the vehicle needs to return to the loading site for reloading. Other sensors will facilitate vehicle dispatch, provide two-way communication for efficient routes, monitor driver safety and much more.

A myriad of sensors for improvements in all business functions.