Smart cities are safe, efficient and secure

Connect your existing infrastructure and
gain actionable data.

Waste bins full: 96%
Traffic congestion: avg. 16 mph
Parking availability: 19 spaces
Traffic light coordination: OK

Smart Cities

Advances in technology and Industrial IoT solutions offer municipalities of all shapes and sizes an unprecedented ability to improve safety and gain a fuller view of your community. Ioticiti’s applications and hardware are designed to support the vision for your smart city or town. Ioticiti Connect can help you or your service providers manage the automation and control of water and sewer, fire protection systems, energy utilities and the traffic and street lights in every neighborhood. From monitoring gates to keeping on top of your fleet, no task is too small or too big.

We provide communities with sensors and mobile data terminals that can be used with fixed and mobile equipment, vehicles and other community assets to gather data on a myriad of services. From traffic light monitoring to parking meters, waste management to public safety—there are so many ways we can help you gather actionable information to make better, more informed decisions. Ioticiti’s solution and platform allows the oversight to enhance your efficiency, reduce the likelihood of service downtimes, and respond faster to issues and inquiries. Use sensors and devices to prevent water theft from hydrants, measure and understand traffic congestion and parking availability in real-time, use predictive maintenance for fleet and machinery and monitor personnel and job sites for safety and theft. Devices connect to both mobile and stationary data terminals, and securely connect to the Ioticiti network.

The right data and analysis can optimize everything from the design, construction, maintenance and ongoing operations of city infrastructure. The search for sustainability in energy and resource efficiency and a reduction in waste are all top of mind for municipalities with tight budgets and environmental goals. Ioticiti can support the development of a smart cities approach to innovation, data and connected technology for municipalities of all sizes.

Gain a full view of your municipality and make services safe, efficient and sustainable.