When it comes to utilities, knowledge is power

Reliable, secure IoT data from remote utilities.

Turbidity: 20 NTU
Temperature: 68 °F
Water Pressure: 80 psi
Dissolved Oxygen: 34%
Fault Detection/Location
Sag Monitoring
Power Quality/Harmonics Monitoring
Line Temperature

Connect existing infrastructure

From water and waste-water systems to electricity grids, utilities provide the essential services we need everyday. They rely on a steady stream of accurate information so that availability exceeds demand. Ioticiti provides communities and private utility organizations with industrial IoT solutions that help you anticipate and respond to customer demand.

Sensors deployed on your powerline and on facility sites monitor critical power and water quality metrics with real-time actionable distribution intelligence and reporting for incidents and general operations. Portable network installations establish remote connectivity, linking PLCs managing water and power sites securely to operations centers.

Improve the stability of infrastructure and save operational expenses with real-time alerts and improved resource deployment.


Industrial IoT brings electricity reliability, efficiency and power stability to the grid.

Global energy consumption is increasing rapidly and the need for efficiency and conservation efforts that help lessen demand is crucial. Suppliers face tighter emission regulations and greater reliability expectations. Aging infrastructure requires expensive updates or replacement.

Deploying sensors creates a smart grid and provides secure, real-time data to: improve the efficiency, performance and resilience of the grid and enable utilities to manage resources efficiently. Utilities can make more informed decisions, optimize operations and detect issues before they become major outages or fires. Instant communication with electrical substations means a clear picture of consumption and demand, and better energy distribution.


IoT helps protect and manage water resources.


IoT sensors help to conserve valuable resources and to adequately meet the demands for clean, safe water. Remote water quality monitoring and testing uses a myriad of sensors installed in water systems, detecting temperature changes, chemical leakage, and pressure levels for example. Real-time information is captured from PLCs and meters automatically, without having to send someone to gather it.

Important decisions are based on reliable data and the predictability of demand becomes easier. Real-time alerts save operational expenses and improve resource deployment.

The challenges of managing Waste Water systems effectively, are found in monitoring water levels, leakages, water quality and the flow of water through different channels. Track the source and flow of the influent wastewater. Monitor pressure rates and loads, while protecting your assets and the people your water systems serve.

Sensors for anything, reporting for everything.