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An Industrial Grade Mobile Data Operations Center

That Solves Your Toughest Jobsite Problems

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Dispatch, Monitor and Report all jobsite functions

As more industries embrace Industrial IoT, the technology is beginning to impact not only how infrastructure is built, but also the permanent operations of jobsites, cities and industrial processes.

Mobile HQ is a custom-designed, industrial-grade mobile data operations center that tracks all personnel, equipment and supply chain enroute and onsite through wearables, equipment sensors and fleet management applications.

It houses Ioticiti Connect – our end-to-end industrial IoT solution and enterprise platform, giving you full view of all site functions and operations in real-time and from anywhere. The solution serves all industrial systems, and provides the ability to dispatch, monitor, control and report site functions.

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Implement a complete platform including industry specific applications from one single provider to manage:

  • Workforce monitoring
  • Equipment and tool monitoring
  • Real-time environmental monitoring
  • Third-party supply chain monitoring
  • Remote dispatching and reporting
  • Artificial intelligence, identity detection and biometrics
  • Multi-dimensional jobsite layout, floor-by-floor
  • Fuel tank monitoring
  • Automatic safety equipment location

Dynamic Monitoring & Precision Location, in real-time. Using active IoT tags for Workforce, Tools and Equipment is providing greater efficiency while preventing critical incidents and damages.

Monitor people, assets, vehicles, utilities and the environment to bring efficiency and prevent damage and critical incidents.


Protect your business and jobsites with secure, real-time critical data

Workforce safety is the first priority. With stronger regulations and increases in fines, there is more to manage. Workforce monitoring tags provide alerts for site entry, exit and “man-down”, and make sure the right people are operating your equipment.

Theft and loss from worksites adds up. Know where your equipment and tools are and who is using them. Make sure everything is secured at the end of the day. Mobile HQ and Ioticiti Connect help you:

  • Increase worker safety
  • Heighten jobsite security
  • Improve safety compliance
  • Increase profitability
  • Reduce fines
  • Eliminate theft and waste
  • Improve jobsite reporting
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Reduce jobsite liabilities
  • Reduce fuel costs

Manage your site security around the clock, safeguarding your people, assets and infrastructure with onsite and remote monitoring.


A mobile data operations center and more

Mobile HQ provides comfortable onsite offices and a meeting area with 70” screens, high-efficiency heating and cooling, and the ability to function both –on and off– grid. Delivered by a custom transportation sled, the center is easily placed in both rough, remote and urban locations and is reuseable, moving easily to new jobsites.